In this heat, what is one to do?

The heat index along the South Carolina coast this summer has soared in the 100’s. These elevated temps have people running from their gardens and into air conditioned building to escape the heat. From the comfort of your home there are a couple of things to consider.

First, how is the view of your garden from inside your home? Do you love looking out of your window into a garden paradise? You should enjoy the garden vista from inside as much as from outside; the perspective places you in the garden without the insufferable heat.

Secondly, how are your transition areas, those areas that ease you from the inside to the outside? These areas are often very visible from inside but they can be messy areas. The traffic tends to wear lawn away in areas of transition. Dirt splashes up onto stoops and screened porches during our heavy afternoon thunderstorms. The shadow created by the building itself can create so much shade that these areas are unable to sustain green growth.

An idea to jazz up these transition areas is to install pavers in the areas that plants or lawn are able to grow. The pavers look nice and provide a clean alternative to dirt around ground level porches or patios or at entrances into the home.

Installed correctly, pavers will last for longer than concrete and are a more attractive alternative. To properly install pavers, the area should be excuvated 7-8″. Gravel is installed to 4″ and compacted. Granite sand (usually 2″) is then installed over the sand and conpacted. Pavers are installed on the sand and sand is swept into the cracks between the pavers. An edge restraint must be added to the pavers if there isn’t a firm edge you are working to.

So, It is reasonable to stay inside to beat the summer heat but make that stay more pleasant with lovely garden views.

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